07.19.11 - Time for the Annual Update! We have moved to Asheville, Nc. We have had a studio in the River Arts District over the last year, but are begining preperations to shut it down at the end of the month. We will continue to operate, nust not in that physical location. To help with the move back into our home, we are having a Mystery Tube Sale to try to thin out some of this inventory and keep us from having to store all these prints at home. The Mystery Tube will include 3 randome posters from our inventory for $25. This includes shipping. If you need something to decorate your walls, now is the time.

03.18.10 - First update of 2010! More should follow soon. In the meantime, you can follow us more regularly on Facebook and Twitter. We also have a new Print Set for sale. Both are 5 color silkscreen prints on French paper. These are not available in our shop yet, so use the paypal link below to purchase. If you order from outside of the US, please contact us directly at javafiend@javafiendstudio.com

01.22.09 - So..... I seem to have missed 2008 all together. Ooops. Thanks to some help from an old friend the shop has been updated with "NEW" posters. There are a couple of actual new prints that will be added in the near future. With any luck it will be this year. So, Thank you very much Mr. Barreis for straightening out my code. The rest of you show him how much you appreciate it and buy some prints.

07.25.07 - We have been really busy over the last few months, so I am a bit behind on updates. We have a few new posters available though they are not in the store yet. The new posters can be seen here for the time being. The new ones are the Jucifer, mc chris, and Clutch posters at the top of the page. Let me know if you are interested in them and I will get back to you asap. Right now between freelance gigs I am trying to put some time into Bioshock on the 360. What a great game. The need to keep playing and exploring it's unique world is making it very hard to work. If you are into games at all, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

03.21.07 - Ok. Paypal is fixed to start at $8 for shipping. Multiple items will ship at a flat $8 unless you get up to $100 then it is $15 and $20 for $200. Nobody should be worrying about that at this time. Feel free to email me if you run into a problem or have any questions.

03.20.07 - We just returned home from Texas and Flatstock 12, but more on that later. I have some things to clean up with the site first. I am having a resolution issue with some Laptops and PC's so I am just letting the pages load without forcing constraints at the moment so that the navigation is visible. Everything else should be working fine and I will get the Paypal shipping issue square today. More updates as I progress. May be a little slow as I recuperate ; )

03.08.07 - Welcome to the Java Fiend Studio website! It has taken a long time and it is still not "completely" finished, but it is here. There is an issue with the shopping cart that will charge $10 shipping per poster purchased. If you only want to buy one there is no problem. We are about to leave for Austin, TX where we will be participating in the Flatstock 12 poster convention being held during SXSW. If I can get the problem fixed while on the road I will update the page, but it will likely have to wait till we get back.